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Buzzing for Buzzards!

20/02/2021- my first ever Common Buzzard sighting. Now I know this may not seem like much of an exciting sighting for some birdwatchers,...

Finches and Evolution!

For someone who has always loved goldfinches, I never knew we had them just around the corner in my local patch! A flock of 6 individuals...

Glorious Grey Wagtails

So there I was, standing by the bank of the stream where I usually visit, watching the great tits play in the air, tumbling after each...

My Morning Flock

Sun beams falling between the cracks of the houses, resting onto the dew-smitten blades of grass. A magpie flies by, almost as if bending...

Bird Baking!!

It's Friday night, the end of a long half-term of school work for me. Everyone else seems to be having a pizza, watching a movie but I...

Our planet IS nature's home

Ever since I was a child I remember pouring over the national geographic magazines, hand-making my own little journals filled to the brim...